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WC67K-600T6000 NC Press Brake Was Successfully Installed and Tested in Indonesia


Just after the Chinese New Year, there was good news from the Indonesian agent that the WC67K-600T6000 NC press brake was successfully installed and adjusted in Indonesia, and the customer was very satisfied with the result.

NC Press Brake

At first, when the representatives of Indodensia sales agent talked to our company about this machine, the representatives were very worried because it was the first time they installed a bulk machine. Although we have been cooperating for 4 years, they have never installed such a huge machine before,and they have no idea whether the production and installation is complicated or not . Under our dedicated guidance, the Indonesia agent made up his mind to take this order in the end.

During the process of producing this machine, KRRASS took photos of every component when installed an unit, and preserved them well. After 60 days of production, the huge machine was born and shipped before the Chinese New Year. When our Indonesia agent received the machine, we sent all the installation photos to them. According to photos we provided, Indonesia workers installed the machine safely and succussfully after 3 days ,and completed the test under the guidance of Krrass engineers. Now the customer was very content with this achievement, and at the same time, another customer of him confirmed the WC67K-400T6000 NC press brake with E300 controller. “when it comes to huge machines, we are always scared to sell them , also we are worried that we could not install it successfully before.”Indonesia agent said. After this impressive cooperation, they will expand the sales of huge machines with more confidence.

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