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What should I do if the angles on both sides of the NC Press Brake are inconsistent?


The application of the numerical control system on the NC Press Brake can not only improve its performance, but also make it have the advantages of compact structure, easy operation and high reliability, which is embodied in the following aspects: The servo motor is used to adjust the backgauge and cylinder stroke position.

Precision positioning control; with one-way or two-way positioning function, which can effectively eliminate lead screw transmission gap and improve positioning accuracy; back gauge and slider position have automatic parameter search and automatic memory of the actual position after power off; single-step, multiple Step programming function can realize automatic operation after setting.

NC Press Brake

Equipped with the function of retreat and escape to avoid interference between the backgauge device and the bending work piece; the solenoid valve can be quickly configured with the solenoid valve in the state of fast down, work advance, unloading, and return; the system has intuitive hardware diagnosis.

Monitoring makes the machine tool more convenient to maintain and use; simple parameter programming and complete detection are used. The system detects and prompts correction on the input data; provides the analog upper limit function, and there is no need to return to the upper limit after processing is completed. Improve processing efficiency.

The angles of the two sides of NC Press Brake are inconsistent?

Reason: The two sides have different heights.


  1. Put a plate of the same thickness on each side, fold a workpiece larger than 90 degrees, and measure the angle with an angle ruler.
  2. The connecting rod connecting the two worm gear seats on the NC Press Brake is disconnected. Just pull it to one side. There is a spring inside to prevent it from falling out.
  3. Compare the angles of the two boards. If the right angle is large, rotate the right link clockwise. After turning a certain position slightly, fold the plate to measure.
  4. Repeat the third step until the angle of both sides is constant. Install the connecting rod.
  5. Install the connecting rod and try another angle. See if the angles are consistent. If the angles are still inconsistent, check whether the synchronization mechanism is damaged, such as slippage at the connecting rod connection and damage to the worm gear.

NC Press Brake is forbidden to fold over-thick iron plates or hardened steel plates, high-grade alloy steels, square steels, and plates that exceed the performance of the sheet metal bending machine to avoid damage to the machine tool. No welding scars and large burrs are allowed on the material. , To prevent mold damage. All parts of the machine tool should be kept lubricated frequently, the operator should fill in the lubricant once every shift, and the equipment must be overhauled every six months. After the operation is completed, the oil pump should be turned off, the power supply should be cut off, and the machine tool and the environment should be cleaned.

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