NC Pipe Bending Machine

cnc bending machine krrass
  1. Structuralstyle:
  2. NC pipe bending machine adopts boom lifting clamp structure
  3. Hydraulic bending mode
  4. Hydraulic guide side pushingmechanism
  5. Hydraulic system is equipped with water cooling device, which is convenient for users to control the oil temperature
  6. Pipe bending direction is clockwise from top view
  7. Electrical control and operation interface
  8. The operation interface of NC hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts single chip microcomputer.
  9. Digital display resolution: turn 0.15 °
  10. NC hydraulic pipe bending machine adopts single chip microcomputercontroller.
  11. Bending parameters can be set (preset) on the operation interface.
  12. 3. Bend quality requirements:
  13. No creasing is allowed on the pipe surface at the bend.
  14. Notrench and obvious depression is allowed on pipe surface after bending
  15. NC hydraulic pipe bending machine with the following characteristics:
  16. Maximum memory capacity can up to 16 bends per group.
  17. Directlyinput bending machining parameters, the machine can be executed step by step and suspended during automatic operation, so that the special pipe can be manually interfered when bending, and the automatic operation can be resumed with automatic and manual pause, emergency stop function.
  18. Working program and bending program memory storage time is unlimited, and will not be lost due to power outage or long-term use.
  19. Program edit withminor correction input, the original processing data will not be lost due to multi-times grogram modification.
  20. With processing quantity and processing time counting function
  21. Real-timedisplay the position and bending angle of each action axison screen
  22. In case of any accident or error during automatic processing, the machine can be suspended, and the machine can continue to finish the unfinished work, so as to avoid the waste.
  23. Automatic or manual mode setting can be set according to the difference of processing feature, such as whether there is a piercing heart, auxiliary push and so on.
  24. With multiple delay parameter settings, the most appropriate time difference can be set for each action axis to meet the requirements of various bending changes.
  25. The machine is with automatic detection function of each button and circuit output/input board, which can easily find the possible fault location.
  26. Closed-loop control



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