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How can Mexico Ironworker be Used safely and Reduce Noise?

How can Mexico Ironworker be Used safely and Reduce Noise?

How do you safely use Mexico Ironworker and reduce nois

Safety operation rules for using Mexico Ironworker

Before starting, check whether the drive parts ofMexico Ironworker, the connecting screws and pin shaft are loose and whether the electrical grounding is intact.

Before the work to the ministry of lubrication, driving test for two to three minutes ensures no problem before the work. 

No overload, quenching steel is strictly forbidden to cutting. 

Wear gloves and protective articles at work. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited. 

When punching shear, must often fill up the punching, strictly prevent up and down punching.

Pay attention to the safety of fingers when feeding materials, especially when the plate blanking to the end of the foot pressure plate material, do not shear 

It is strictly forbidden to disassemble, calibrate the cutting edge and punch while driving. 

Do not hammer the die, cutting blade or other parts. Strictly control the specification range of sheet material. 

The workplace shall not accumulate other articles and large amounts of punching materials, and must be stopped when adjustment and cleaning. Finish the work, stop and power off in time, clean up the site.


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