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How is the CNC Metal Cutting Laser Machine industry?


What is the prospect of  CNC Metal Cutting Laser Machine? It is understood that in recent years, laser cutting machine technology has developed rapidly, and it has broad application prospects in the field of precision machining and high-power cutting, such as cutting complex shape body sheets and various curved parts. In the aerospace industry, laser cutting machine technology is mainly used for the cutting of special aviation materials. Such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, chrome alloy, stainless steel and the like.

CNC Metal Cutting Laser Machine

At present, CNC laser cutting technology is an important application process in the laser processing industry. It is also an early application and more processing method in laser processing. It accounts for more than half of the entire laser processing industry.

In the market, CNC Metal Cutting Laser Machine is developing in the direction of high power, large format and thick plates. China’s traditional steel plate cutting generally uses flame cutting and plasma cutting. Due to limited precision, laser cutting has become a processing method. It is expected that the production demand of the laser cutting machine industry will be considerable in the next few years.

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