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Full-Protective Double Exchange Platform Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

The 4th generation KRRASS fiber laser metal cutting machine is mainly designed for high power from 2kw to 20kw. A full-protection cover can protect the worker from the harm of laser radiation and reduce environmental pollution. Laser cutting machines equipped with auto-exchangeable platforms can save loading time and improve processing efficiency. It only takes the exchange platform 20 seconds to complete the exchange.

Full-Protective Double Exchange Platform Laser Metal Cutting Machine
High Precision Welding Bed

Integrated bed with sheet production line, self-sufficiency, shorter delivery, various working size optional

Auto Oil-filling

Intelligent system for auto oil filling, oil cut-off avoided


Low waste of raw materials, low investment with a short payoff period

Introduction to Configuration

Heavy-load Thermal Isolated Hollow Bed

The heavy-duty heat-insulating hollow bed of the metal laser cutting machine is welded with high-quality steel plates and pipes. After welding, stress relief annealing, secondary aging treatment, and precision machining, super-large gantry milling machines ensure that the bed has sufficient structural stability and shock resistance. The mattress will not deform after long-term use, which improves the service life of the equipment.

Intelligent Spiral Vacuum Dust Removal

Intelligent spiral vacuum dust removal is a time-sharing system with an automatic air outlet switch and sectional air exhaust. It can cooperate with the back-shaped sealing structure design at the bottom of the base to realize smokeless cutting.8kw or higher power machine has graphite and copper protection.

Intelligent Spiral Vacuum Dust Removal

The Fifth-generation Aviation Aluminum Alloy Beam

The T6 heat treatment process processes the full beam of the laser metal cutting machine to make the shaft obtain the highest strength. Solution treatment improves the strength and plasticity of the beam, optimizes and reduces its weight, and speeds up the movement.

The Fifth-generation Aviation Aluminum Alloy Beam

Intelligent Control System

“CypCut plane cutting” software is a set of software specially developed for the deep customization of the laser cutter machine industry. Easy to use, rich in functions, and suitable for various processing occasions.

KRRASS Intelligent Control System

Auto focusing laser head

The laser cutter machine’s auto-focusing optical fiber cutting head has a built-in motor drive unit. A linear mechanism automatically drives the focus lens to change the position within the specified range. The program can set the continuous focus to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatically cut plates of different thicknesses and materials.

KRRASS Auto focusing laser head

Lightning swap for laser metal cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is equipped with a six-sided steel track, the pulley and the track are inlaid tightly, powerful pneumatic tightening, and the built-in pulley runs smoothly. The fastest can achieve a complete exchange in 10s.

Lightning swap for laser metal cutting machine

What is this Machine Used for?

The flatbed-fiber laser cutter machine is to cut mild steel used, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, and other steel; Application in the automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, Etc.

Parameter of laser cutter machine for Steel

Model RAS-3015T/RAS-4015T/RAS-4020T/RAS-6015T/RAS-6020T metal laser cutting machine
Working Area 3050*1525/4050*1525/4050*2020/6050*1525/6050*2020
Laser Power(kw) 1/1.5/2/3/4
Maximum Speed(m/min) 80
Maximum acceleration(g) 0.8
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy(mm/m) ±0.05
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ± 0.02

What is the Maximum Cutting Thickness?

Material 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 6KW 8kw 12000W
Carbon Steel(mm) 0.4-12 0.4-16 0.4-18 0.4-20 0.4-25 0.4-25 0.4-25 0.4-45
Stainless Steel(mm) 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-12 0.4-12 0.4-20 0.4-28 0.4-40
Aluminum (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-12 0.4-16 0.4-18 0.4-22
Brass (mm) 0.4-3 0.4-5 0.4-6 0.4-6 0.4-8 0.4-14 0.4-16 0.4-20
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Reviewed by 9 users

    • 4 weeks ago

    Tudo funcionou muito bem, o serviço de vendas foi muito eficiente. A máquina de corte a laser de fibra de 2KW e seus acessórios funcionam perfeitamente. Estou muito satisfeito com a compra

    • 1 month ago

    Good laser cutting machine!Professional supplier

  • 4015/4000

    • 3 months ago

    Fui a muchas fábricas y, finalmente, reservé esta máquina de corte por láser de KRRASS, el modelo es 4015/4000.
    Tengo que decir que es la mejor decisión que he tomado.
    La máquina está trabajando muy bien y ayuda mucho para mi negocio.

    • 3 months ago

    Impressive service, my RAS6015T-6000W laser cutting machinefinished installtion, thanks to KRRASS.
    Happy to cooperate with KRRASS and Tinky

    • 3 months ago

    RAS-4020T 2000W листового металла волоконно-лазерной резки машины, идеальная машина и фантастический онлайн-сервис. Так хорошо!

    • 3 months ago

    Buen proveedor que nunca se reunió antes, de alta calidad RAS-3015 máquina de corte por láser de fibra y PBS-135T/3200mm prensa plegadora, gracias KRRASS!

    • 4 months ago

    Deze keer kocht ik de snijplotter van krrass, de kwaliteit van het product is gegarandeerd en de service is uitstekend.

  • Good job KRRASS!

    • 4 months ago

    We are more than happy to write this note for KRRASS. They are friendly and absolute helpful when we arrange the shipping and installation. Everyone is happy. Good job KRRASS!

    • 5 months ago

    Tämä on toinen kerta, kun olen ostanut KRRASS-koneita, ja pidän niistä yhtä paljon kuin haluan.

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