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Why buy DELEM DA66T controller cnc press brake?


About DELEM Corporation?

Delem is the technological leader in the world market for CNC Press Brake controls for sheet metal machines. The activities in the sheet metal industry were started in 1978 with the development of a control for press brakes to synchronize the speed and end positioning of the two hydraulic cylinders. Since this start in the sheet metal industry, Delem has been steadily growing.

The Delem team consists mostly of highly educated and dedicated development engineers, all experts in their field. Delem products find their way to many machine builders all over the world, e.g. Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia, the USA and South America.

What bending machine controllers does DELEM have?

For press brake applications today and tomorrow the control solution has to blend in. Operation efficiency, enabling the highest possible productivity, starts with a fit for the purpose control solution. A control solution offering functions fitting the machine, the operator and the jobs, leading to confidence and productivity.

DA-60 series:The DA-60Touch series press brake controls. Extensible modular high-end press brake control solutions.(DELEM DA66T,DELEM DA69T)

DA50 series:The DA-50Touch series press brake controls. Compact solutions, without compromise.

DA40 series:The DA-40s and DA-40Touch series press brake controls. Sophisticated conventional press brake control solutions.


High-end press brake control solutions

The new generation DA-Touch controls offer an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation and control of today’s CNC Press Brake. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand, improving productivity.

The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Functions are directly located where you need them, offering optimised ergonomics throughout the application.

The DA-66T offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling。

Highly effective control algorithms optimise the machine cycle and minimise set-up time. This makes using CNC Press Brake easier, more efficient and more versatile than ever.

Embedded reliability

The DA-Touch controls feature the embedded, realtime Windows operating system for maximum reliability. Smooth start-ups ensured, even after instant shut-off.

DELEM DA66T Features:

CNC Press Brake controls

2D graphical touch screen programming mode

17″ high resolution colour TFT

Full Windows application suite

Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

USB, peripheral interfacing

User specific application support within the control’s multitasking environment

Sensor bending & correction interface Profile-TL offline software

Technical data of DELEM DA66T standard:

DisplayColour LCD display

Optional technical data of DELEM DA66T:

Bus expansion2nd HSB Modusys bus

When choosing a CNC Press Brake, what determines you must choose DA66T?

The DA66T controller must be used when you need to display 2D in the system.

According to the number of axes selected by the bending machine decide whether to choose the DA66T controller. CNC bending machines most commonly have a 3+1 axis, 4+1 axis, 6+1 axis, or 8+1 axis, next we introduce which axis is respectively.

3+1 axis: Y1,Y2 axis controls the Angle, X-axis controls the positioning distance, W axis is the control Angle compensation.

4+1 axis: Y1, Y2 axis controls the Angle, X-axis controls the positioning distance, R-axis controls the rise and fall of the tailgate (very suitable for folding special-shaped workpiece), W axis is the control Angle compensation,

6+1 axis: Y1, Y2 axis control Angle, X-axis control after positioning distance, R axis control backstop finger lift (very suitable for folding shaped workpiece), Z1, Z2 axis (backstop finger around automatic movement), the advantage is to fold long and short material without manual movement back stop finger, W axis is the control Angle compensation.

8+1 axis: Y1, Y2 axis to control the Angle, X1, X2 axis to control the positioning distance, R1, R2 axis to control the rear stop finger lift (very suitable for folding shaped workpiece), Z1, Z2 axis (rear stop finger around automatic movement), the advantage is that the long and short material fold without manual movement of the rear stop finger, W axis is the control Angle compensation.

In DELEM CNC Press Brake machine controller, DA53T, and DA58T can only control the 4+1 axis, when you choose 6+1 or 8+1, you must choose the DA66T controller.

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