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How to maximize the benefits of CNC bending machine and how to do maintenance?


When most users choose a CNC press brake, they mainly consider the material grade, as well as the maximum processing length, and thickness, which is relatively easy to understand. Of course, this aspect refers to the situation of the user’s own processing of items, and accurate selection can be achieved. Only in this way can the cost of output be reduced. It should be understood that the selection of the bending machine is directly related to the issue of cost.

CNC press brake

Generally speaking, it depends on what type of parts the user wants to produce, and chooses to determine their maximum press brake conditions, without having to choose those unnecessary tonnages. In addition, in order to choose the lowest tonnage specification, it is possible to choose a thickness greater than the thickness of the parts made by itself. In this case, it can ensure that the machine does not perform load work under certain conditions and ensure the service life of the bending machine. Of course, if the tonnage is too large, it will affect the accuracy of the manufactured parts, but if it is slightly larger, it will not affect this.

Of course, the choice of bending machine is mainly based on the user’s own situation, which is certain, and it is also a direct factor in reducing production costs. The bending machine can also be used to press the dead edge of the workpiece. First, the workpiece is bent to 30 degrees, and then the workpiece is crushed to death with a flat knife. Generally, the dead edge that can be completed with a normal punch is not arranged in the bending machine as much as possible, because the punch press The dead side effect is relatively better. When arranging the process, it is often necessary to consider whether it is easy to bend and whether it can be bent. Because bending is a very important process, whether the bending is good or not directly affects the guarantee of bending quality, and many times it appears The quality problems of the product are caused by the bending size is not well controlled, so special attention should be paid to the bending problem during the design process, which is related to the stability of the product quality during mass production.

The regular maintenance of KRRASS CNC press brake is divided into several aspects:

  • appearance maintenance
  • upper slide maintenance
  • hydraulic lubrication maintenance
  • electrical maintenance
  1. Appearance maintenance: Wipe the machine tool, to wipe it clean, no oil and dirt; if the parts are defective, they should be equipped.
  2. Maintenance of the upper slide block: check and adjust the parallelism between the upper slide block and the worktable, trim the slide block and remove the burrs on the guide rail, and adjust the gaps in each part appropriately; check and adjust the direct control balance valve, wipe the guide rail, screw, And the sliding surface, if the parts are severely worn, they should be replaced in time.
  3. Hydraulic lubrication maintenance: clean and inspect the oil pump, cylinder, piston, filter screen, reversing valve, etc., burrs should be removed, and wear should be replaced; the oil quality and quantity should be checked, and the oil path should be unobstructed.
  4. Electrical maintenance: clean and wipe the motor and electrical box, replenish or replace the grease in time; check whether the fastening device is loose, and overhaul the wiring and control system.

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