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Maintenance points of CNC Press Brake Bending Machine


CNC Press Brake Bending Machine must be maintained every time it is used, which can extend the life of the machine and reduce unnecessary production costs. the following:

CNC Press Brake Bending Machine

  1. Before operation, check whether the leakage maintainer and blades are reliable and the power supply wiring is accurate. The function of the steel bar straightening machine is large, and the adaptability is the prerequisite for us to use it. Whether the insulation of all electrical components is perfect, and the transmission part is Doesn’t have a protective cover, and does the fuselage have reliable zero (grounding) maintenance? It can be used after admitting that there is no problem.
  2. Before use, the empty car must be tested and the work must be officially started after it is confirmed that there is no abnormality. The steel bar straightening machine must be used after reasonable application.
  3. When the steel bar is blocked, the steel bar must be pushed tightly. After the movable blade is returned, the steel bar is sent to the knife edge to block it to prevent the processing of the steel bar that exceeds the standard or is too hard. To block special steel bars such as low alloy steel, use high-hardness blades.
  4. When blocking the short material, it must be clamped with pliers before feeding to prevent the end swing and hurt people.
  5. When blocking long materials, two people should operate, and future generations should follow the instructions of the predecessors, cooperate harmoniously, and must not drag and pull.
  6. In the process of mechanical work, stop adjusting, repairing and cleaning. The maintenance work of the steel bar straightening machine must be done well.
  7. When replacing the blade and repairing, first cut off the power and replace it. The overall coordination ability of the steel bar straightening machine can increase its overall function. The processed steel bars should be coded and placed neatly, and the broken steel bars must be cleaned up. After processing, pull the switch and cut off the power, and it can be separated after the lock box is locked.

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