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Precautions for laser cutting machine start-up after holidays

Usually after the holidays, we need to start the fiber laser cutting machine at work, but generally at start-up, we did not develop good maintenance, boot order, resulting in the use of the machine will have some problems, the next to tell you about the general boot order, can avoid errors, extend the life of the laser cutting machine.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine on workpiece

  1. Check the total route of the various moving parts of the machine tool and the whole machine cover with or without abnormalities;
  2. Start the total power supply equipment, power switch, regulator equipment;
  3. Machine cold water machine start;
  4. Laser start-up;
  5. Auxiliary gas supply equipment, air compressor start, check the gas in the air flow of the various filtration equipment and the status of the pressure meter is normal.
  6. The machine tool host powered on the machine tool total power supply knob switch, check the electrical cabinet, air-conditioner is started;
  7. The power-on power-on key of the CNC system starts the power-on button. Wait 3 minutes to check, the system is normal then open emergency stop, loose reset key, and then back to the machine origin.

Through the above steps, the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can be started correctly when returning to work, so as to ensure the healthy operation of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.

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