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How to understand the sales price of Fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Many users will consult, cutting material Fiber laser cutting machine in the purchase, where the price of Fiber laser cutting machine is how much, the following is the laser cutting machine price analysis, because the technology now broke the monopoly of imported core parts brand, independent production of laser cutting machine manufacturers significantly reduced costs, equipment prices have also dropped a lot, with the maturity of laser core technology, the choice of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers more and more.

Fiber laser cutting machines

Then the price of laser cutting machine is how much, this is the composition and equipment power is inseparable, buy equipment like manufacturers buy a car, first consider functionality, buy laser cutting machine, first consider processing requirements, users can choose whether to use for cutting sheet or cutting products, if it is simple product cutting, or if it is sheet cutting, then choose tube plate two-use laser cutting machine; It’s specially cut.

Next to consider the wall thickness and length of the product, which determines the machine length and power size of the laser cutting machine, the thicker the product wall thickness, the greater the required laser power, the higher the price, the longer the length of the machine, the higher the cost, the higher the price, and the laser cutting machine by manual and automatic two, the card plate in the function of differences, the price may also be very different, the current domestic laser cutting machine brand may also affect the price, if the company’s technical capacity and requirements do not agree, the overall performance of the equipment will also be very different.

If the price of laser cutting machine manufacturers have many differences, it is best to visit more, compare the equipment cutting effect and operating efficiency, laser cutting machine prices can not only look cheap, can not look at the manufacturer’s quality, after-sales and technical capabilities, many users buy equipment, hope to compare to buy a suitable laser cutting machine.

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