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How to debug the cutting accuracy of the laser cut stainless steel?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

How can the laser cut stainless steel debug to make the best use of what it cuts? In fact, machines, like people, need to be maintained often. In order to maintain a relatively good running state of equipment, laser cutting equipment components are more, some parts of the maintenance period is relatively short, So it’s often necessary to have someone to maintain.

How to debug a metal laser cutter:

1. Adjust the machine assembly to improve the machine cutting effect.

laser cut stainless steel

  1. Rail installation: When installing the rails to maintain parallel, in the laser equipment factory is required to repeatedly debug, to ensure that the factory of each device cutting effect. If the rails are not parallel, then the machine will run with resistance, cut out of things have serrated edges, so the Y-axis rail needs to remain parallel.
  2. beam, coupling installation position is not good: the machine beam, coupling in the installation process, if the wire is not locked, or the lock is a sloping or loose, will affect thelaser cut stainless steel cutting effect.

2. Debug the laser machine parameters to improve the cutting speed of the machine.

Machine parameters set, cutting process needs to gradually adjust machine parameters, in general, if the machine is not adjusted well, cutting speed will be affected, or speed, or effect, how to achieve speed and effect of the state, is we need to adjust according to the customer’s materials, factory, laser cut stainless steel each parameter is set, but later with the needs of the user, can adjust itself. The following points should be paid attention to when setting parameters in general:

  1. Initial speed:
    As the name suggests, this setting is the speed at which the machine starts. First of all, the initial speed is not the faster the better, in fact, if the speed is too fast, may make the machine start the jitter very strong.
  2. Acceleration:
    Acceleration is the machine in production, from the initial speed to the normal cutting time there is an acceleration process, thesame when preparing to end the cutting will also have a deceleration process, the acceleration is too low will cause the machine cutting speed slow.

3. Laser cut stainless steel precision debugging method.

  1. The light point of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, the point-shooting effect, through the size of the spot effect to judge the focal length, we just need to recognize the laser’s light point to the minimum time, then this position is suitable for the processing focal length, so as to start processing work.
  2. In the first part of the commissioning of the laser cut stainless steel, we can use some debugging paper, workpiece waste to point the accuracy of the focal length position, move the position of the upper and lower laser head height, laser spot size point shooting will have different size changes. Multiple position adjustments are made to find the smallest light point position to determine the appropriate position of focal length and laser head. Laser cut stainless steel processed out of the workpiece no burr, crease, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industry, because laser cut stainless steel system can easily cut different shapes and sizes of workpieces, it is often more than punching, molding process is more preferred selection;

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