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Buying stainless steel laser cut must shop around

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cut stainless steel in recent years has developed very rapidly, from the beginning of solid laser equipment to now everywhere the stainless steel laser cutter, from two or three hundred watts of small power to the present million watts class, our laser technology is still improving, and now the price of stainless steel laser cutter compared with previous years is also much cheaper, this want stowy for the friends who buy equipment, is a very happy thing, no matter what industry can buy the laser, use the laser. Stainless steel laser cutter have come into our lives.

stainless steel laser cutter

Laser cut stainless steel in the rapid development of the same time, the competition behind is also very fierce! According to statistics, the country up and down to do laser equipment enterprises not less than hundreds, the scale is also uneven.

For the vast number of customers, buy equipment will be shop around, therefore, the competition between peers is certainly indispensable! Buyers of equipment in addition to the customer’s concern, is the price and after-sales service, which is also the major manufacturers of the point of competition, price competition, in the peer competition is the most common. When you consult a power device, there may be a difference between the price of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Perhaps for those who do not understand will feel that the high price of the manufacturers too reliable, the price shouts so high, is it to pit me? Here Klaus small editor reminds you to buy equipment when ask a few more, ask each configuration to compare the price.

When it comes to configuration and technology, many people might say that lasers are someone else’s, and for you manufacturers it’s all about assembling them together without any technology at all. Yes, on the face of it, it is. So many people think that thelaser cut stainless steel industry threshold is relatively low, high profits, casually pull a few people can do, but, how much to do, how much to sell and how many.

Like the above said that there are many manufacturers, make out the equipment is very cheap, due to cost constraints, with spare parts and machine tools are naturally poor price difference. Like these manufacturers generally do not have a very long-term sustainable development of strategic deployment, no core technology, do are some low-end products, simple assembly can also, if you need to study some high-tech things no professionals, give him the same parts, they can not make good equipment.

A laser equipment in addition to lasers, machine tools are equally important, the same lasers, different manufacturers to do equipment, some can use for several years no big problem, some are small problems every day, more pit is the emergence of failure, even manufacturers can not solve this problem, the final injury or their own, so buy equipment must be shop around, or to the last money to put in their own production, processing parts can not be delivered on time, the loss is more disastrous.

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