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Krrass technical engineers go to Georgia for customer training


Krrass technical engineers go to Georgia for customer training

On April 2, Krrass Technical Engineer Mingong flew to Georgia and gave our Georgian customer a free technical training that lasted 7 days.


Previously, the Georgian customer purchased a “PBS-640T-6400 DA53T 4+ 1-axis CNC Press Brake  and a 12KW fiber laser cutting machine from KRRASS, because the customer has many doubts about the operation of this series of bending machines. So KRRASS decided to send our technical engineers to Georgia for a systematic presentation and skills training.

Minggong first explained the characteristics of PBS series automatic cnc press brake in detail, and then introduced the main components and performance parameters of the bending machine. Then explain the standard use of laser cutting machine and some use skills. On this basis, the correct use procedures and precautions of this series of bending machines are described, and it is emphasized that safety must be paid attention to during use and operation according to regulations, so as not to bring unnecessary damage to people and machines. Teach customers how to use the equipment correctly and how to make the bending product that customers need, Minggong one for customers to solve.


Finally, the common faults and maintenance of the bending machine and the daily maintenance of the machine are explained in detail.


The customer thanked KRRASS for its timely after-sales service and free technical support, and looked forward to long-term cooperation in the future.


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