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Key Points for Repairing of Plate Rolling Machine

KRRASS Plate Rolling Machine

Plate rolling machine is a kind of general equipment used to bend metal sheet into cylindrical, curved or other shaped workpiece. According to the principle of three points forming a circle, the relative position of workpiece and rotating motion of workpiece make the sheet produce continuous plastic deformation to obtain the workpiece of predetermined shape. Plate rolling machine is one of the indispensable equipment in stainless steel products, decoration, packaging, metallurgy, automobile, and ship and instrument industries.

Plate Rolling Machine

So how do you repair the machine when it breaks down at work? Next we will talk about the fault maintenance work of the plate rolling machines:

1. Check whether the adjusting, clamping, locking mechanism and other accessories of the plate rolling machines are flexible and reliable.

2. Check whether various limit, overload protection device and emergency stop button are flexible and reliable.

3. Check whether all indicators and various display devices can operate correctly and reliably.

4. Check whether the electrical equipment and NC system can operate reliably.

5. Check whether the start, stop, positive and negative specifications of the plate roller are correct, and whether the actions of the auxiliary mechanism are coordinated and accurate with those of the actuator.

6. Check whether the brake and magnetic powder clutch of the plate rolling machine are stable and coordinated during the simple operation test, and whether the interlocking device is sensitive, the friction plate is intact.

7. Check whether the digital control system of the plate roller meets the requirements.

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