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Kazakhstan BI Group signed an order of 1.38 million USD with KRRASS

Kazakhstan BI Group is the largest real estate development corporation in thier country. They have more than 40 real estate projects under development in Kazakhstan. The purpose of purchasing these machines(160T CNC press brakes, 4×3200hydraulic shearing machines) is to provide to 20 real estate project companies. After 3 months of negotiations, although they looked for 10 suppliers to compare in China, the Kazakhstan customer selected us in the end.

CNC press brakes

On March 3, 2021, the representative of Kazakhstan BI Group in China came to our factory for acceptance. During the acceptance process, he was shocked by our factory scale. The representative said that it would take 1 hour to visit the entire production line. During the inspection process, the customer put forward many requests, we meet his  requests and finished the all the inspection, the customer appreciates it very much, and very content with our machines. The customer decided that BI Group will expand more business with KRRASS in the future, we established a long-term cooperation relationship on the spot.

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