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Ironworker noise troubleshooting and elimination


Iron worker China supplier, Maintenance of Iron worker

1.Ensure that ironworker is always working in a good technical state.

2.Ensure complete and reliable working parts of ironworker. The exhaust pipe should be specially installed, because most of the exhaust pipe is equipped with a silencer, which can reduce a lot of noise.


3.Prevent parts loosing, which will cause vibration.

4.Complete the maintenance and inspection of ironworker. Add qualified lubricating oil and grease according to the regulation, in case relative motion piece lubrication is not good and produce dry friction or semi-dry friction, make noise increase.

5.Keep a good fit gap between the relative moving parts. The driver must be assembled or adjusted according to the technical requirements.

6.Oil supply shall not be changed at will. If the oil supply increases, the fuel injected into the cylinder cannot be completely burned, which wastes fuel oil, pollutes the air and increases the noise of the tractor.

7.Oil supply advance angle should be adjusted accurately.

The accuracy of oil supply advance Angle adjustment not only directly affects the exertion of power of joint punching and shearing machine, but also affects the noise of joint punching and shearing machine. We often find that some Iron worker are very loud in the discharge of waste gas, accompanied by the “smack, smack” sound, which is caused by the excessive oil supply advance angle.

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