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Ironworker Machine Tips When using


Ironworker Machines is an industrial machine with a combination of punching and shearing functions. It is an indispensable device for modern machinery manufacturing. This equipment also spawns hydraulic combined punching and shearing machines with more and more complex functions. Good use method can not only guarantee the quality of mechanical products, but also extend the service life of the machine. So what are the tips for using Ironworker Machine?

Ironworker Machines

The first is the preparation before starting the Ironworker Machines. Before use, you need to refuel the parts. You can also properly refuel the punch, which can effectively reduce burrs. The other is to use it, the cut steel plate should be laid flat, and it should be kept neat and clean. When trial cutting, the length should not exceed 15mm. When the upper scissors move downwards, adjust the position of the lower steel plate and maintain a proper gap so that the cut steel plate will be relatively straight. In addition, the steel plate must be compacted during shearing to prevent the steel plate from jumping and hurting during the shearing process.

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