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IPG laser souce, IPG Photonics high-power laser source use advantages


At present, more and more domestic lasers are pouring into the field of domestic laser cutting machines, showing excellent competitiveness. However, most of them are concentrated in the low-end market, IPG laser source especially high-power laser source are still the dominant status of IPG. In terms of core technology, domestic lasers still have a long way to go.

So, what are the technical advantages of IPG laser source?

Combination of advanced technology

IPG laser source

High-power fiber lasers are made of active fibers and semiconductor diodes, incorporating two of the most innovative advanced laser technologies. Fiber lasers use single-core junction semiconductor diodes as the best light source to pump active fibers. The emitted laser beam is contained in an optical fiber and transmitted through an armored flexible optical fiber. Active fibers are special fibers doped with rare earth ions. These fibers can emit extremely bright light from a very small core, thus combining several kilowatts of output power with excellent beam quality. IPG uses a unique set of proprietary technologies to produce lasers with high beam quality, reliability and energy efficiency on the market today.

Excellent beam divergence angle and brightness

The IPG laser has excellent divergence angle parameters, allowing the use of medium and long focal length processing lenses, which greatly increases the depth of field and reduces the probability of damage to optical devices. It is suitable for long-distance welding applications.

The same laser meets low-power and high-power applications

The output power range of the low-order mode kilowatt-level fiber laser of IPG laser is 1 to >100 kW, and the frequency of continuous or modulation mode is up to 5 kHz. The dynamic operating range of these devices is from 10% to full power, and there is no change in the beam divergence angle or beam profile throughout the entire range. In this way, a single laser can be used for both high-power and low-power welding, drilling, and precision cutting.

High electro-optical conversion efficiency

IPG YLS low-order mode kilowatt-level fiber lasers operate with a typical electro-optical conversion efficiency greater than 40%. YLS-ECO series lasers provide up to 50% conversion efficiency, and its electro-optical conversion rate exceeds the kilowatt-level direct diode laser system.

Modular laser, equipped with thermal redundancy technology

IPG YLS laser is a modular laser, using multiple fiber laser module output, each module can generate hundreds of watts of output power, integrated into a single output fiber. In the event of a module failure, the remaining modules will automatically compensate for the loss, maintain output power, and enable production to continue. Then, the fault message that requires maintenance service will be sent to the designated user by means of an alarm. With the redundancy of multiple modules in the system and the redundancy of the pump diodes in each individual module, the laser can operate uninterrupted. Through the thermal redundancy of several pump diodes, the laser can operate at a lower current, thereby increasing the life of the pump diode and the total life of the laser.

High reliability

IPG’s unique technology combination produces a highly reliable laser system that surpasses traditional laser technologies such as disc, bar or CO2 lasers. Its fiber laser is compact and robust, has a long diode life, requires minimal maintenance and requires less downtime.

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