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Introduction to mechanical crown system of bending machine


V-axes compensationThe high precision mechanical crowning system of the bending machine combines advanced technology for accurate and precise position measurement. This system uses a combination of mechanical and electronic components to provide high accuracy and stability when bending sheets of metal. The system consists of three parts: an external controller, a transducer and a controller board.

External Controller

The external controller is responsible for reading the transmitted signal from the transducer. This signal is linked to a web based dashboard which allows the operator to control every aspect of the bending process while operating the press brake. The signals are used to create a series of actuators which move in relation to the desired curvature of the sheet of metal.


The transducer is used to capture variables such as current force and displacement so that they can be applied to the bending process. This component can accurately adjust the curvature as required by the operator.

Controller Board

The controller board controls the electrical signals sent to the drive motors during the bending process. These signals are converted into mechanical action which causes the drive motor, moves the slider, and bends the metal sheet into the desired shape.


The high precision mechanical crowning system of the bending machine offers many advantages over traditional methods. It provides extremely precise and consistent bends with minimal human input. Additionally, the system requires little to no regular maintenance and can handle high loads with ease. Finally, it is more economical and efficient compared to other approaches.

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