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Visit and Acceptance of Hydraulic Press Brake by Indian Customers at KRRASS Factory

Indian Customers Accept KRRASS Hydraulic Press Brake

In recent days, two customers from India visited KRRASS ‘s factory located in Nanjing. They toured our CNC hydraulic press brake production line and witnessed the live demonstration of our newly designed PBS-110T/3200 hydraulic press brake. One of the customers had previously visited our factory last year and was so impressed that he recommended us to his friend. Consequently, during this visit for machine acceptance, he brought his friend along, who also decided to purchase our bending machine equipment.

Indian Customers Accept KRRASS Hydraulic Press Brake

Both customers expressed great satisfaction with their visit. The machines slated for delivery have been thoroughly inspected and will be promptly packaged for shipment. The customers have also expressed their intention to introduce the KRRASS brand to more friends and colleagues in India. They hope that KRRASS’s bending machine equipment will gain more market share and sales in India.

This successful visit and acceptance mark a positive step in expanding KRRASS’s presence in the Indian market, and we look forward to further collaboration and growth in the region.


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