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Hydraulic Shearing Machine QC12K-6X2500,6mm Steel Sheet Cutting Machine Withe Pneumatic Support

guillotine Shears

Hydraulic Shearing Machine is generally composed of frame, material pressing mechanism, blade gap adjustment device, knife holder, hydraulic system and other parts.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  1. Rack
    The frame part adopts a combined welding overall structure with good rigidity, which is mainly composed of left and right uprights (wall panels), front wall panels, worktables, oil tanks, etc.
  2. Pressing mechanism
    The material pressing mechanism is composed of a group of material pressing feet installed at the bottom of the beam of the rack. After the pressure oil is introduced, the plunger of the presser foot descends to press the steel plate. After the shearing is completed, the presser foot is raised and reset by the force of the spring.
  3. Blade gap adjustment device
    The adjustment of the gap between the upper and lower blades is achieved by rotating the gap adjustment handle to drive the sector gears of the two pinion gears on their shafts respectively, and then the rotation of the eccentric bushing on the support shaft.
  4. Knife holder
    The tool holder is a fully enclosed welded structural part, which has high torsion resistance and good rigidity. It is connected to the frame through the support shafts at both ends, and is equipped with a shearing cylinder and a return cylinder.
  5. hydraulic system
    The shearing oil cylinders are two plunger type hydraulic oil cylinders, which are respectively fixed on the left and right uprights, and at the same time, there are two cylinders for the return of the knife holder.

When Hydraulic Shearing Machine working, the pressure oil pushes the plunger of the cylinder downward to shear the tool holder downward, and at the same time compresses the nitrogen in the cylinder; during the return stroke, the hydraulic system is unloaded, and the nitrogen in the cylinder expands to return the tool holder. The entire tool holder is reciprocatingly swinging around the axis of the supporting shaft to complete the cutting work.

Main functions:

  • High-definition hydraulic display
  • Control common motors and frequency converters
  • X-axis intelligent positioning
  • Multi-step programming, 40 programs, each program 25 steps
  • Built-in time relay function
  • One-button function switching
  • Unilateral positioning function
  • A key backup and restore of parameters
  • Chinese and English
  • Metric system

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