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Hydraulic Shearing Machine Common Parts Type and Maintenance Method

guillotine Shears

We all know that the hydraulic shearing machine is divided into upper and lower cutters, the upper cutter of the shearing machine is supported by micro-dip three-point rolling guide, and the four cutters of the CNC shearing machine can be used, and the shearing precision is high. The tool holder on hydraulic guillotine shears accepts circular arc swing downward for shearing, as long as the cutter has two cutters, the most tense is low utilization rate, which is quite convenient for maintenance. In addition to the main parts of the hydraulic guillotine shears, but also those commonly used accessories?

hydraulic shearing machine

Hydraulic guillotine shears are assembled from hundreds of parts. Each part is very important in the shearing machines. Following is the manufacturer of hydraulic shearing machine commonly used accessories.

1.Common used mechanical accessories of shearing machines: various models, such as the universal screw of backgauge motor, backgauge bar, cutter clearance adjustment fan gear, shearing machine cutter, cylinder and cylinder return stroke ball, bearing of cutter running, tool frame connection, approximately synchronous connection of pressure gauge rod and bolt after nitrogen cylinder return journey.

2.Commonly used hydraulic accessories of shearing machines: shearing machine pump (usually a piston or gear pump, relief valve, solenoid valve, shearing machine through one-way valve, valve, ball valve, shearing machine, bending machine, pressure gauge, pressure switch, filter mesh, level gauge, oil cylinder around shearing machines, shearing machine nitrogen cylinder, presser foot, valve plate, hydraulic tubing, all kinds of composite pad and sealing ring.

3.Common used electrical accessories of shearing machines:main motor power button switches, main motor start button, emergency stop button switch, the main motor, main motor, hydraulic shears single continuous knob, fluorescent lamp switch knob, hydraulic shearing machines mainly in light motor, electric appliance box terminals, contactor and other actions to control the main motor control contactor, time relay, transformer, shearing machines total power supply control switch, and other control protection switch, rectifier bridge, the limit, cutter stroke control before and after the switch, after the main motor, motor block, fluorescent devices, foot switch, electrical panels at the front of the button control box, electrical cabinet, hydraulic shears the operating system.

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