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What does a frequency converter in Hydraulic Press Brake do?


Hydraulic Press Brake controls the buttons and various parts of the machine after being programmed by the computer through the character agency, so that the shearing work can be performed more quickly and accurately, and the work efficiency will be better. A very important part inside Hydraulic Press Brake is the frequency converter. With the existence of this frequency converter, the speed and amplitude of the gear of the bending machine can be changed by the control of the frequency converter. In this way, the type of shears produced will Enriched, different types of shears can exert their advantages on different occasions.

Hydraulic Press Brake

The inverter has many advantages. First, when low frequency work is required, the Hydraulic Press Brake will maintain a very stable low frequency and output a large torque for a long time, so that the machine can work smoothly and continuously. The vector control of the machine is always a difficult point of the Hydraulic Press Brake, and the numerical control technology can solve this difficult point well. When it is necessary to rotate the mechanical lever, the inverter can effectively control the speed and direction of rotation, so that the machine can work more accurately. The control of the buttons allows the mechanical lever to respond quickly, so that it can maintain both a fast speed and a precise angle.

The frequency converter in Hydraulic Press Brake not only allows the machine to rotate stably in a very high speed range, but also allows the machine to quickly decelerate or even stop, without damaging various parts of the machine. Usually, the conversion from a relatively high speed to a low speed requires a process, otherwise the friction between the gears will be increased, causing the gears to be seriously damaged, and the inverter will adjust this problem well, allowing the machine Has a strong buffering force, driven by this force will not have much wear and tear, can quickly reduce the speed or even stop.

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