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Hydraulic Press Brake: Advantages and Disadvantages of Pumps Commonly Used


As a hydraulic equipment, Hydraulic Press Brake is bound to be equipped with a corresponding hydraulic pump, but the type of pump is wide varieties, so which kinds of Press Brake is often used in it? Gear pumps, screw pumps, vane pumps, plunger pumps are included.

Hydraulic Press Brake

The gear pump used in Press Brake has simple structure, good technology, small volume, light weight, convenient maintenance and long service life. However, the working pressure is low and the flow pulsation and pressure pulsation are large. Therefore, when the end compensation is not used under high pressure, the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic Press Brake will obviously decline.

The screw pump commonly used in Press Brake is essentially a gear pump with simple structure and light weight. The fluctuation of flow and pressure is small, and the transportation is uniform. It has the features of reliable operation and low noise, and its operation stability is higher than gear pump and blade pump, with higher volume efficiency and higher suction head.

The single-acting blade pump in the Press Brake has one oil discharge port and one oil suction port. The rotor rotates once, and the volume of each two pieces of it absorbs and drains oil once.

The advantages of plunger pump are high precision, good sealing performance and high working pressure, so it is widely used in hydraulic Press Brake. But because of its complex structure, high manufacturing accuracy, high price and sensitivity to oil pollution, there is still room for improvement.

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