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Hydraulic Press Brake hydraulic system failure analysis and troubleshooting


There are many types of hydraulic system of Hydraulic Press Brake failures. Some of these failures are caused by a failure of a hydraulic component. Some are caused by a combination of multiple components in the system; some are caused by improper hydraulic fluid selection and hydraulic fluid contamination; and some are caused by mechanical, electrical, and external factors.

Some of these failures occurred after slow accumulation, but many of them occurred suddenly. Many users of hydraulic equipment do not pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment and can only perform repairs after the equipment fails. In order to keep up with the construction cycle or pursue economic benefits, they even make the equipment work with the disease, which greatly shortens the equipment use time.

Usually, troubleshooting of hydraulic equipment takes less than half a day and more than a few days. Users are very worried, and some people even have to buy new machines. Hydraulic technology is a new technology that is not easy to master.

So, how can maintenance personnel who know very little about hydraulic technology analyze and find faults as quickly as possible without special instruments?

Taking the “multifunctional Hyduralic Press Brake hydraulic system” as an example, the troubleshooting method is discussed.

This machine is used for the bending processing of metal products with a diameter of Φ4.5 to Ф12mm. It consists of three parts: the host, the hydraulic station and the electrical control cabinet. The hydraulic principle is shown in Figure 1.

  • 1 – filter;
  • 2, 3 – double hydraulic pump;
  • 4, 16 – two-position two-way electromagnetic directional valve;
  • 5, 6 – pilot relief valve;
  • 7, 12 – three-position four-way electromagnetic directional valve;
  • 8, 11 – one-way throttle valve;
  • 9 – left bending mechanism hydraulic cylinder;
  • 10 – right bending mechanism hydraulic cylinder;
  • 13 – compacting hydraulic cylinder;
  • 14 – two-position four-way electromagnetic directional valve;
  • 15 – speed regulating valve

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