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What to do if the hydraulic press brake operation is out of sync?


Hydraulic Press Brake can be used for bending metal sheet, and the efficiency is very good, so more and more users like it. However, due to the motion speed of Press Brake on the return stroke is much higher than that during bending; the equipment will drop out of sync, which will seriously affect the bending quality of the product. Is there any way to overcome the problem?

Hydraulic press brake

After inspection and analysis, it can be determined that the drop non-synchronization of  hydraulic Press Brake is the problem of piston cylinder, mainly because of the internal leakage phenomenon, and the leakage quantity in the left and right cylinders is not exactly the same, which makes the two cylinders run out of synchronization. Also, if we can control the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder of the Press Brake, keeping it consistent can solve the problem. On the one hand, the matching accuracy of relevant parts should be kept consistent; on the other hand, the hydraulic circuits of the two cylinders should be same. In this case, it is possible to avoid Press Brake drop out of synchronization.

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