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Hydraulic Press Brake common faults and maintenance methods


Hydraulic Press Brake is the basic equipment for sheet metal processing, and it is also the most common type of general-purpose equipment. It has a large amount of use, so mechanical equipment will have problems such as this after long-term use. Part of the problem and how to solve it. For your reference.

(1) The damping hole is blocked, and there is no failure of the main pressure relief valve in the system. Improper adjustment, the spring is broken, the valve cone cone seal is not good or the valve core is stuck. Clean, grind, adjust, overhaul or replace the relief valve. The solenoid directional valve is faulty and the valve core is stuck. Clean, grind or replace the spool valve.

(2) The slider does not move but the axial piston pump cannot supply pressure oil under its own weight: the fritter is out of oil; the start button is overhauled and the motor fails to start. AC contactors and thermal relays and electric motors; the plunger pump itself has failed. Disassemble or replace the plunger pump.

(3) The main oil circuit relief valve is faulty. It may be that the damping hole is blocked and improperly adjusted, the spring is broken, or the valve core is rusted and stuck. Need to adjust, repair or replace the relief valve.

(4) The slider is not parallel, and the handwheel of the air release valve is deflated. There is air in the balance cylinder. After filling with oil and exhausting air, unscrew the valve.

(5) There is a leak in the air release valve. Disassemble and inspect the cone seal of the air release valve, and repair or replace the air release valve.

(6) Check valve has internal leakage. Remove and check the seal of the check valve cone surface. It is better to grind the seal surface of the taper surface with line contact or replace the check valve.

(7) Hydraulci Press Brake The oblique iron fastening screw on the piston rod head of the balance cylinder is loose. Check and strengthen the oblique iron strong screw on the piston rod head.

2.Hydraulic Press Brake repair method

(1) The slider cannot go down. The solenoid valve cannot be reversed. Repair or replace the housing fixing screws loose. Check the circuit for inspection and tighten; the valve of the reversing valve is stuck. Clean, grind or replace the spool valve.

(2) The check valve is stuck or shut down for maintenance and cleaning.

(3) The slider cannot be lowered to repair or replace the housing fixing screws. The solenoid directional valve cannot be reversed. Spool is stuck. Clean and grind or replace the slide valve; no action or loose housing fixing screws. Check the circuit.

(4) The valve core of the hydraulic check valve is stuck. During maintenance, the hydraulic control check valve cannot be opened. Clean or replace.

(5) The spring may be loose. Tighten the pressure relay handwheel clockwise, the pressure relay is faulty. Compress the spring.

(6) Piston cylinder piston seal wear is severe. Replace the seal.


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