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hydraulic press brake machine of Common Failures and Solutions


When our Hydraulic Press Brake fails, how do we find the cause of the failure and fix it? By reading the content below, you are sure to find the answer you are looking for.

Failure 1: No pressure on the hydraulic system of the hydraulic Press Brake machine

1.Check whether the electromagnetic coil of the proportional overflow valve is electrified, and whether the voltage of the proportional electromagnetic coil meets the requirements. If the above reasons are mentioned, please check the relevant electrical reasons.

2.Check whether the plug valve is stuck or the main valve core is stuck, and the damping hole is blocked. If it is for the above reasons, please remove the overflow valve and clean it and reinstall it.

3.Adverse three-phase power leads to motor reversal

Hydraulic Press Brake

Failure 2: Hydraulic Press Brake machine ram speed conversion, time pause too long.

1.Check whether the oil surface of the oil tank is too low, and the filling port is not flooded. The filling cavity of the oil cylinder is empty when it enters quickly, resulting in insufficient filling. For the above reasons, the oil in the oil tank can be added to the above 5mm above the filling port to completely flood the filling hole.

2.Check whether the fast-forward speed is too fast, causing insufficient liquid filling. For the above reasons, the speed of fast forward can be reduced by modifying the system parameters.

3.Check whether the filling valve is fully opened. If it is polluted by oil, the movement of the valve core of the filling valve is not flexible and there is a phenomenon of clamping, which leads to insufficient filling. It is necessary to clean the filling valve and reinstall so that the valve core flexible freely.

Failure 3: hydraulic Press Brake machine ram can return stroke normally, fast forward normal, manual cannot slow down, and the folding plate is without strength

1.Check whether the “two-position four-way” reversing valve controlling the oil filling control circuit is working normally; if so, it will cause the filling valve not to be closed, so that the upper cavity is connected with the filling port of the oil tank and cannot be pressurized. The reason why the valve is not working properly is that it is not energized or stuck.

2.Check whether the filling valve is stuck. If so, please clean the filling valve and reinstall it so that the valve core is flexible and free.

Failure 4: Hydraulic Press Brake machine ram return speed to slow, return pressure to high.

1.Such failure is mainly caused by the failure to open the charging valve, which is just contrary to the phenomenon of the above mentioned three faults, which can be handled by referring to the solution of fault three.

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