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How to Improve CNC Press Brake Working Efficiency?


Set processing size and quantity in advance prior to processing a specification of products. When the number of processing sheet reach to the prescribed quantity, the machine will not normally work as longer, in this case, you can reset the processing parameter or switch the machine into temporary cutting state. CNC Press Brake is a kind of commonly used equipment in machinery manufacture and maintenance industry. With the sustained and rapid growth of China’s economy, the society’s demand for various types of sheet metal is increasing, and high requirement on sheet processing precision and efficiency.

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake is widely used for bending thin plate, with the gradual development and expansion of industrial strength, the demand for CNC Press Brake also gradually increase, however, some uneven quality machines inflow into the market as a result of the demand increasing, which will directly affects the smooth production, so, how to select a high-quality press brake? Nanjing Klaus CNC Machinery CO., LTD. now put forward following some recommendations based on their years of experience for your reference for buying CNC press brake.

Dedicated CNC controller produced by Netherlands Delem Company, grating ruler, hydraulic valve, servo motors are imported. Electronic-hydraulic proportional servo synchronization, parallelism of 0.02mm with a strong anti-partial load capacity, ram stroke (Y1, Y2), backgauge (X, R, Z) is automatically controlled by computer. Backgauge is equipped with ball screw and rolling rail, sensitive and reliable, higher repositioning accuracy.

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