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NC Press Brake operation method

NC Press Brake operation method

1.Stroke adjustment, when using the NC Press Brake, it must pay attention to adjusting the stroke .When the Press Brake dies down to the bottom, there must be a thickness gap. Otherwise it will damage the die and machine. The adjustment of stroke also includes electric quick adjustment and manual adjustment.

2.Select the curved slot, and generally choose the slot with 8 times width of plate thickness. If the sheet is bent 4mm, the slot about 32 should be selected. The maximum groove can fold 10mm plate. Boards over 10mm are not allowed

3.In general, there are electric quick adjustment and manual adjustment for the back gear adjustment, and the method is the same as shearing machine.

4.Step on the foot switch to start bending, Press Brake and shearing machine is different, it can be released at any time, release the foot Press Brake will stop, and continue to fall under the foot.

Operation Instructions for NC Press Brake

  1. Check the consistency and consistency of the upper and lower dies; Check whether the positioning device meets the processing requirements.
  2. In case of the upper slide and each positioning axis not in the state of origin, run back to the origin procedure.
  3. Idle operation for 1-2 minutes after the equipment starts, and the upper skateboard moves for 2-3 times when it is full. If there is abnormal sound or malfunction, stop the machine immediately, remove the fault, and work after everything is normal.
  4. One person should be in charge of the work, so that the operators and feeding pressing personnel closely cooperate to ensure that the coordination personnel are in a safe position to issue bending signals.
  5. The sheet material must be compacted to prevent the sheet material from sticking up when bending.
  6. Power must be cut off when adjusting the plate die.
  7. When changing the opening of variable die, no material is allowed to contact the die.
  8. When the machine is working, no person is allowed to stand at the rear of the machine.
  9. If the workpiece or die is found wrong in operation, it shall be stopped for correction and shall not be corrected by hand to prevent hand injury.
  10. It is prohibited to fold extra thick iron plate or quench hardened steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and sheet material beyond the performance of the plate Press Brake to avoid damage to the machine.
  11. Check up and down the dies regularly and the pressure gauge instructions are in accordance with the regulations.
  12. Shut down immediately when abnormal happens, check the cause and eliminate it in time.
  13. Before shutting down, wood block should be placed on the lower die below the oil cylinder on both sides to lower the upper slide onto the wood block.
  14. Exit the control system first, and then cut off the power.

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