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Hydraulic press brake bending arc workpiece method


Hydraulic press brake make small bends so that you can bend an arc. Here are the specific steps:

1. As shown in the red circle in the figure, place the place you want to bend the arc under the bending machine.

Hydraulic press brake

2. Press the switch to press the press brake down.

Hydraulic press brake

3. As shown in the red circle in the figure, after the press brake presses the iron sheet, the hand only needs to be raised slightly, so that it will not form an excessive angle.

Hydraulic press brake

4. At this time, lift the bending machine, send the iron sheet forward, and repeat the above three steps, according to the size of the arc you want, repeat three times, or more than three times.

Hydraulic press brake

5. Here, we will repeat three times and fold a semicircular arc.

6. As shown in the figure, an arc can be folded in this way, and the visible effect is good.

Algorithm of each feed:

The thickness of the plate is 2mm, the bending angle is 120 degrees, the outer radius is 30, the radius of the neutral layer is 29, and the arc length of the neutral layer is calculated and expanded. Therefore, the number of bending knives and the bending angle of each cut are also calculated according to the arc length of the neutral layer.

The distance between the neutral layer and the edge is half the thickness of the board.

In the above figure, how many cuts are needed to bend the arc, and what is the bending angle of each cut?

If we enter 2mm per cut.
Number of bending knives = arc length/2mm=30.37/2=15
Number of bending knives 15
Bending angle
=180- {(2/arc length)X(180-bending angle)}=180-{(2/30.37)X60}=176
The bending angle per cut is 176 degrees
If we cannot measure the arc length during the bending operation, we can also calculate it according to the following formula
Bending angle=180-{(2/3.14X neutral layer radius)X180}=180-{(2/3.14X29)X180}=176
If you want 3mm per cut, replace the 2 in the above formula with 3

Of course, the above formula is a theoretical calculation formula. In Hydraulic press brake actual processing, adjust according to the result calculated by the above formula.

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