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KRRASS Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

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KRRASS Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

KRRASS ironworker machine is designed with multi-functions to save labor, time, energy, and cost. This versatile aspect allows the KRRASS ironworker machine to meet the diversified needs of the metal fabricating industry. Currently, KRRASS has the highest reviews of any ironworker machine brand on the market today.

Top performances allow to accurately and cost-efficiently cut pieces in high volumes.

KRRASS has entirely designed the proportional oil hydraulic circuit. It is optimized for every guillotine shear size, with high-quality and reliable parts.

Hydraulic ironworker machine is available in a wide range of models and powers. Ironworker machines can customize parameters to the highest levels in the category.

Standard Equipment


Punching station

All metal punching operations of the ironworker machine are processed using hydraulic power, thus allowing the machine to punch very efficiently and silently. Punching is silent, powerful, and efficient. The device can either be used to hit thick metal or thin materials layered together. The waste materials come off together and in layers. The punching table consists of two parts: the first is the punching flange, and the second is the holder. There are different holders for different materials. The holder is a device that prevents the fabric from coming back with the punch after cutting.

Punching Station

Flat bars shearing station

The metal shear station of the ironworker machine has been equipped with simple and sturdy fixing mechanisms. Depending on the machine’s cutting capacity, You can adjust it for any steel thickness. The shearing capacity can go up to 17.71 inches in the flat bar or the cutting of corner profiles. The shearing blades, built for mass production, can be used on both sides (the upper blade has two cutting edges, and the lower blade has four cutting edges); this ensures a clean cut with minimal warping, from the total capacity to a thickness of only 1/8 inch.

Flat bars shearing station

Bars cutting station

Standard machines are equipped with blades for cutting U-sections. The edges are held by efficient jaws, ensuring the equipment can be arranged easily at the device without any additional adjustment. Thanks to other equipment, cutting I-section profiles, T-sections, and round and square metal bars is possible.

Bars cutting station

Notching station of ironworker machine

High Adaptability: With QBH, QCS, and other optical fiber interfaces, it can be adapted to various mainstream laser devices.

Excellent Design: Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design significantly improve cutting quality and efficiency.

Notching station of ironworker machine

Angle shearing station

This station enables the cutting of large angles with a capacity ranging from 17 3/4 inches to 35 1/2 inches.

Angle shearing station

Optional Equipment

Technical Parameters of Ironworker Machine

Technical SpecificationQ35Y-12Q35Y-16Q35Y-20Q35Y-25Q35Y-30Q35Y-40Q35Y-50
Punching Pressure(T)35T60T90T120T160T200T250T
Depth of throat(mm)115300355400600600600
Standard DiePunchingDia.X Max.Thicknessmm25X1225X1630X2035X2538X2640X3540X40
Dia.X Thicknessmm25X1225X1630X2035X2538X2640X3540X40
Working TravelmmX18X20X25X25X30X35X40
Throat Depthmm115300355400600600600
Steel BarRoundmm35455060657080
Steel AngleAngle Sizemm86X86X8125X125X12140X140X12160X1160X14180X180X16200X200X18200X200X20
Cutting Anglemm50X50X550X50X550X50X560X60X660X60X6100X100X10120X120X10
Angle Sectionmm5.55.56.5911.51212
Optional DieU-I Shaped Profilemm100X100X8125X125X12140X140X12160X160X14180X180X16160X160X14180X180X16
T-shaped Profilemm40X40X660X60X870X70X1080X80X1080X80X1080X80X1080X80X10
Motor Powerkw45.57.5111518.518.5
Outline Dimension(LXWXH)mm950X950X18001640X730X17701860X800X19902355X960X20902680X1040X23002970X1240X23503000X1440X2450

Use case of ironworker machine

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