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hydraulic guillotine shearing machine of Advantages

KRRASS QC12K Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is the third generation of shearing machine, before mechanical shearing machine, hydraulic swing beam shearing machine and so on.

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machines have many advantages compared with other shears. This paper introduces some advantages of hydraulic guillotine shearing machine.

First, the hydraulic guillotine shears use hydraulic oil as the medium, uses the motor and the hydraulic oil pump as the power, and the valve group on the cylinder is to make the shears move up and down to cut the material. This ensures that the shearing machine will not be overloaded and cause damage to the shearing machine, so the hydraulic guillotine shears is safer and more durable than the mechanical shearing machine.

guillotine shearing machine pneumatic support

Second, compared with the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, the shearing angle of the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine can be adjusted, which makes the shearing effect better and more flat.

In addition, because the hydraulic guillotine shears are clamped by the front and back rollers, the tool holder body moves vertically up and down without a gap, so it is called the guillotine shears. Guillotine shearing machine reduces the energy consumption loss of the machine tool and improves the shearing accuracy, so its national accuracy requirements are higher than that of the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine. The wheel rotating mechanism is more accurate and convenient to adjust the blade clearance with hydraulic guillotine shears.

With these advantages, the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is well received and loved by the majority of users, and it has gradually replaced the mechanical shearing machine and the hydraulic swing beam shearing machine.


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