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How to install a NC hydraulic press brake machine, E21, E300, E200P



It must be ensured that when lifting the press-brake for transportation and/or positioning it must be done with crane having sufficient lifting capacity so that there will be no risk of the press-brake falling.

When lifting use two slings of steel rope and shackles using the appropriate holes available at the top of the machine. The steel rope must be of an adequate size to lift the weight of the press-brake. It must also be of an adequate length, given that its weight carrying capacity diminishes when the angle between the ropes widens.


When transporting the press-brake, keep in mind that the weight of the machine is concentrated mainly to the front. Ensure that the top ram of the press-brake is all the way down for manoeuvres or transportation.

When the press-brake is to be load onto the truck , the rear side of the machine is position as far as possible to the side of the vehicle.

The press-brake is to be anchored to the truck using steel rope.

NC hydraulic press brake machine

NC hydraulic press brake machine


The foundation

To ensure that the machine works correctly and is not disturbed by vibrations check that the pavement is firm and steady. Prepare a concrete foundation, which must be adapted to the conditions of the ground, if necessary. And detail drawing of foundation as attachment.

Ensure that there must be adequate space surrounding the machine once position. This is necessary to cater for maintenance work and special jobs. Furthermore, an adequate space on either the left or right side of the press-brake equals to the length of the machine to cater for tool changing operation.

All exposed surfaces on machine are coated with rust guard, easily removable by kerosene or solvent.


For the press-brake to function correctly, it is necessary that the machine be leveled correctly.

  • Check that the press-brake is level horizontally by placing the spirit level on the machine table.
  • Check that the press-brake is level vertically by placing the spirit level on the machine table.

Eventual adjustments are done by regulating the leveling bolts in the feet of the press-brake

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