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Buying Press Brake, should I choose Hydraulic, Electric, or Hybrid?


Found yourself in the market for a new press brake? The best (and easiest) first step is to contact your sales consultant at KRRASS. Set up a virtual or in-person appointment to review machine options and how they would fit into your production flow. Sales consultants at KRRASS can walk you through options for controls, back gauges, material support, and automation; as well as brainstorm machine capabilities that would assist in the growth and increased productivity.

In addition to reviewing options, KRRASS sales consultants can help you decide what tonnage and bed length would suit your needs. They spend their days solving problems for metal fabricators and can offer helpful recommendations from past experiences.

Key factors when asking yourself – “should I buy a Hydraulic, Hybrid, or Electric Press Brake?”

Advantages of a Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

When considering a new hydraulic brake look for a machine with a solid foundation, energy-saving technology, and options that automate the bending process. A well-built hydraulic press brake will have:

  • Widest variety of options and configurations
  • Configurations from a simple machine to a highly sophisticated machine, with a wide variety in between
  • Wide range of budget options
  • Potential for significantly higher tonnages and lengths
  • Wider variety of tooling options from planer tooling to precision

Heavy-Duty Options

Keep in mind, if you are bending BIG and need 650 to 3000+ ton capability to do it, the High-Tonnage Hydraulic Press Brakes are your answer. These machines are built with oversized components, powerful gauging devices, and increased open heights/stroke lengths. When considering high tonnage, you want a press brake that is tough, durable, and will stand up to any forming challenge.

Advantages of an Electric Press Brake

These brakes run on electric motors that turn on during the bending sequence and shut off automatically when not in use. The ram descends quickly, stops at a preset position, creeps downward to make the bend, then moves quickly upward to start the process again. The shortlist of perks for electric brakes includes:

  • High speed and productivity
  • Designs require minimal crowning
  • Impressively high forming tolerances
  • Extremely quiet and clean – make for a nice working environment
  • Saving in electricity

Advantages of a Hybrid Press Brake

A hybrid press brake uses both hydraulic cylinder technology and a servo-drive motor – combining the best of both the hydraulic brake and electric brake. They are built with hydraulics to assist the bending process, but without gear pumps. Like an electric press brake, the hybrids shut off to conserve energy when not performing bending functions. A hybrid brake can be 20-30% more energy efficient than a hydraulic press brake.

  • Close to the productivity of electric with more size options
  • Less drive system maintenance then a hydraulic brake
  • Same high tolerances as an electric brake

Which Press Brake Machine Is Best?

Purchasing a new press brake should be like ordering at a restaurant: It’s a matter of opinion. choosing options based on your preferences and needs, with the goal of ordering a machine built to help achieve your production goals.

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