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How to choose and buy 3KW fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

It is important to be knowledgeable of the features and specifications available when selecting a 3KW laser cutting machine. Here is parameters of a 3KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine include:

  • Power Output: 3KW
  • Wavelength: 1080nm
  • Beam Quality: M² < 1.6
  • Maximum frequency output power: 0.05 – 50kHz
  • Maximum cutting thickness for Carbon Steel: 20mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness for Stainless Steel: 12mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness for Aluminum: 10mm
  • Maximum laser spot size: 0.02mm
  • Maximum acceleration speed: >1G
  • X-Y straight line positioning accuracy: ± 0.03mm

For specific parameter information, you can also view the data here. After understanding the specific parameters, here are some of the things you should consider before making your purchase:

3KW fiber laser cutting machine

Cutting Area

The size and shape of the cutting area you require will depend on the kind of projects you have in mind for the 3KW machine. Make sure to check the dimensions of the cutting bed or the machine’s working range (XY) to ensure it suits your needs.

Cutting Speed

Cutting speed refers to the rate at which the laser can move across the surface of the materials being cut. This should be taken into consideration for precision and accuracy, as faster speeds may result in reduced accuracy and quality.

Focus System

The focus system determines the maximum cutting width and depth of the laser. The type of focus system you require will depend on what precision you need your machine to achieve.

Cooling System

The cooling system ensures that the 3KW machine temperature remains steady and consistent throughout operations to prevent overheating, lengthen the machine’s lifespan, and improve efficiency.

Material Compatibility

Make sure the materials you plan to use with the 3KW laser cutting machine are compatible. Check with the manufacturer to verify suitability and whether you will need extra attachments to work with certain materials.

Other Considerations

Other considerations might include maintenance requirements, power consumption, warranty information, and price. Overall, consider all elements carefully before selecting a 3KW fiber laser cutting machine.

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