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How to buy a WC67K Series bending machine in 2024

NC Press Brake E21

The WC67K Series Bending Machine is an industrial press used for bending various metals. It is a lightweight, compact machine that is cost-effective and offers precision in different types of bending.

Common applications for the WC67K Series bending machine include:

  • Angle bend production
  • Tank shell production
  • Production of large/lengthy plates
  • Adapter board forming
  • Automotive parts production
  • Die making

Advantages of WC67K Series bending machine

NC Press Brake WC67K-125TWC67K Series bending machine not only has a wide range of application environments, but also has the following main advantages:

  1. High accuracy – The precision and repeatability of the bending angle is greater than ±0.2 degree.
  2. Efficient production time – The bent parts come out quickly with no need to manually adjust the angle of each part, saving employees time and cost.
  3. Sturdy construction – These machines are built from heavy duty material that ensures reliability and long lasting use.
  4. Easy to operate – They feature a simple touch screen system, allowing for an intuitive and efficient operation.

How to choose the right model when purchasing

When choosing a WC67K series bending machine for purchase, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Size – Measure the workspace you plan on using the machine in, and choose a size accordingly.
  2. Options – Think about what additional features may be important to you. For example, would you like a machine with torsion bar feeding systems?
  3. Durability – Look at how strong the construction is, it should be able to stand up against regular use without issues.
  4. Cost – Consider your budget in terms of both initial price and ongoing maintenance costs.

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