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How Do You Use A CNC Press Brake?


Being a part of the fabricator industry, it is a must for you to be aware of all the important machines that are actively used in this industry. A CNC Press Brake Machine, which is the modern take on the traditional press brake, is one such machine that is one of the main driving forces behind the activities of this industry.

Whether you are new to this field or just want to brush up on your knowledge, you need to know how the machine that you deal with everyday works. Therefore, in this article, we will briefly yet accurately help you understand how do you use a CNC Press Brake Machine. Then, if you are ready, shall we get started?

What Is A CNC Press Brake Machine?

CNC-Press-BrakeBefore we get to the ‘how,’ let u s first understand the ‘what. ’ Press brake machines, as we mentioned earlier, are one of the primary pieces of machinery used in the manufacturing and fabrication industry. It is a tool that helps you bend, press, and manipulate various types of metal and elements to help you get the desired shapes, forms, and products from it. It is mainly used on thin sheets of metals to bend and manipulate them at certain angles.

They are used to manufacture various things, be they small or big. For example, ’s products, including KRRASS Economic Smart 3-4 Axis and KRRASS Euro Pro Series 4-6 axis, are the industry’s favorite machines used in other major industries for making parts of the railway, ships, airplanes, automobiles, and so on.

The best part here is KRRASS provides the option for you to customize your machines so that you get specific results on your products. This allows you to be flexible and increase your range of products.

How Does The Cnc Press Brake Machine Work?

To understand how it works, you need to first understand the mechanism behind it. The CNC Press Brake Machine are of three types based on its source of power:

  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Hybrid

The hydraulic CNC Press Brake Machine is powered by a hydraulic system, whereas the electric one is supported by an electrical power generator. As for the hybrid, you might have guessed it; it has units of both the hydraulic systems and the electric system to power up the machine.

The CNC Press Brake Machine has a die and a punch, which are attached to servo pumps, which in return are connected to the power generating unit. Other parts of the machines include clamps and a table area.

So the way the procedure happens is that you insert your desired sheet of metal in the table area and fix them in their place with the help of the clamps. When the machine is switched on, the energy-generating unit kicks in, generating energy and supplying it to the punch or the die (depending on the structure of the machine) through the servo pumps.

The punch is the equivalent of a knife that presses the metal against the die when energy is supplied to it. Dies are particular shaped parts of the machine which help the metal give its desired shape when the punch presses the metal against it.

Here, you must take notice that we mentioned that power could either be supplied to the die or the punch, depending on the structure of the machine. Again, here you can categorize CNC Press Brake Machines into two different types, depending on their structure — up moving or down moving.

In up-moving CNC Press Brake Machines, the part which has the die attached to it is movable, whereas the punch part is fixed. So, the die moves against the knife to manipulate the metal sheet,

However, in down-moving CNC Press Brake Machines, the part with the punch is movable, whereas the part with the die is fixed. Therefore, the punch moves against the die to achieve the desired effect on the metal sheets.

Do note that CNC Press Brake Machines can be categorized in multiple other ways depending on their mechanisms, activities, structure, and so on. The types mentioned here are the main types of categorization.

In traditional machines, the entire mechanism was operated manually. But with advancements in technology and the introduction of AI and automation, the number of manually operated machines is getting fewer in numbers. Other than being difficult to operate, they were also extremely non-eco-friendly and had other difficulties and disadvantages. That is where the CNC machine comes in.

So, what does a CNC machine do? A CNC machine stands for Computer Numerical Control machine. Here, you can input your desired results for your product in the system, and the system will help the machine understand your target.

The machine will then operate accordingly and help you get your desired results. In short, you enter your measurements and data; the system will read it and control the machine to provide you with what you want.

It is better than a manually operated machine and gives you better and more precise results with minimum effort and energy. For more details, we have outlined the benefits that a CNC Press Brake Machine has over its traditional counter

KRRASS: The Best Choice For All Sheet Metal Manufacturer

When considering the overall costs of purchasing, maintaining, and operating a sheet metal equipment setup, a sheet metal fabrication service: a CNC Press Brake machine, is the best option. KRRASS has a tremendous reputation in the market because of its focus on consistency and quality at the most competitive price.

Whether CNC Press Brake or any other application, our team of experts has the right combination of industry knowledge and the latest tool to provide you with the best products and services in the market. Moreover, we set ourselves apart with our advanced system that’s completely online. Just let us know your product needs, Request A Quote, and start the process.

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