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The main features of the v grooving machine for sheet metal

Veritcal Grooving Machine for China

1. The v grooving machines tool is welded with high-strength steel plates. After heat treatment, heat insulation and tempering eliminate welding internal stress, high strength and good stability.

v grooving machines for sheet metal

2. The processing workpiece is fed from the front end, hydraulic clamping, hydraulic pressure plate, high degree of automation, easy and fast operation.

3. The v grooving machines working surface is independently adjustable, and its cutting accuracy can be controlled at 0.02mm.

4. The tool post is driven by servo, with large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

5. The v grooving machines main shaft adopts rack and pinion transmission, which has strong rigidity and small resistance, which greatly improves energy efficiency and saves energy.

6. The position of the planing groove is controlled by servo numerical control, and the double screw is synchronously driven, with accurate positioning and good parallelism.

7. The v grooving machine for sheet metal rear positioning platform is connected by steel pipes to ensure the flat surface of the plate and reduce errors caused by deformation of the plate surface.

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