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FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System Manual

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Part1: Introduction to Products

1.1 Introduction

FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System is a high-performance open loop laser control system developed independently by Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is widely used in the field of metal and non-metal laser cutting. Because of its outstanding performance in the field of medium power fiber laser cutting, it is favored by a large number of high quality customers.

Please read the manual carefully before using the controller and relevant devices. FSCUT2000 laser cutting control system is composed of standard accessories as shown below:

Motion-controlled cardBMC1604V21
Terminal board BCL37661
Extension cable(with block)C37-401
37-pin cable (2m)C37-21
62-pin cable (2m)C62-21
Servo cable (1.5m)C15-1.54
Laser softwareCypCut 11
CNC panel(matching)BCP50451

1.2 System Connection Schematic Diagram

BMC1604V2 applies PCI interface whose external size is 213mm*112mm. The control card has two sockets, JP1 is a DB62M socket with matched C62-2 cable connected to BCL3766 External IO board; JP2 is an external expansion cavel socket, with C40-37 expansion winding displacement (with a guard sheet) connected to the back of computer case firstly, and then with C37-02 cable connected to BCL3766 External IO Board.

FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System wire is shown as below:

FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System

1.3 Technical Parameters

Motion controlMotor control signal4 axis with high-speed pulse output and maximum frequency 3MHz
3 axis with encoder feedback channel and four times frequency up to 8MHz
The original point of every axis with limit, servo alarm special input signal.
The servo performance of every axis, alarm clear special output signal.
Motor control performanceControl cycle is 1ms.
“S” speed-up and speed-down with wave filtering.
Velocity look-ahead, inflection point with intelligent speed-up and speed-down.
The speed limit of small circular arc, Local curvature analysis
The smoothing of turning
Laser control signalOutput 1 is PWM signal, with dip switch choosing Laser control signal 24V or 5V.
Output 2 is 0~10V analog signal
I/O Function12 general inputs.
20 general outputs, thereto, 8 interfaces are relay outputs,12 interfaces are mosfet emitter outputs.
Work environmentTemperature: 0~55℃
humidity: 5%~90%, no condensation
Power requirement24V,2A

1.4 Control Card Installation

1.4.1 Installation steps

Note: Please be careful, and effectively touch grounded metal parts before touching control card system or inserting/removing control card, in order to prevent static electricity from damaging motion control card, and please wear electricity-proof gloves.

  1. Shut down computer, insert control card into PCI slot, and fix control card and catch screw of expansion winding displacement.
  2. After start the computer, the window of “Driver Software Installation” pops up; click “Close” button as shown below. If this window does not pop up, it means control card is not inserted correctly. So please repeat step one.
    FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System Soft
  3. Install CypCut software, while BMC 1604V2 card driver and softdog driver will be installed automatically.
  4. During installation, please close the anti-virus software, any block pop-up information in the process of installation shall be allowed to pass.
  5. Open the device manager to confirm the success of installation. If the following icon appeared:

It shows that the installation was successful.

1.4.2 Fault treatment

  1. If after starting the computer, the widow of “Found New Hardware Wizard” does not pop up, or control card cannot be found in device manager, which means control card is not inserted correctly. Please replace PCI slot or computer, insert and fix control card, and then reinstall the software.
  2. If there is yellow exclamation mark in the device, please double click FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System open attribute page and select “details”, as shown below.
    FSCUT2000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System
  3. If the first half of “device instance ID” attribute is ,which means the computer correctly identifies motion control card and software installation may fail. Please reinstall Cypcut software. If it fails again, please contact our technician.
  4. If the first half of “device instance ID” attribute is not “”, which means the computer doesn’t identify motion control card successfully. Please shut down the computer, replace the PCI slot, fix the control card again, and then reinstall the software.
  5. If step four still fails, control card may have be damaged. Please contact our technician.

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