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Four-Roll Plate Rolling Machine: Principles and Operating Procedures

KRRASS four-roll plate rolling machine partial

The four-roll plate rolling machine consists of four rolls. The upper roll is the main drive and its position remains fixed, while the lower roll is raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders at both ends. When the lower roll is raised, it can clamp the head of the plate with the upper roll, and the distance between the side rolls and the upper roll can be adjusted as needed to bend the ends of the plate. Then, the lower roll descends while the two side rolls rise, and the plate is bent and rolled into a cylindrical shape.

Any machine should be operated correctly according to the process requirements. Now let’s discuss the correct operating methods of the four-roll plate rolling machine. Generally, the preparation involves the following aspects:

1. Understand the machine's functions

The plate rolling machine is a commonly used forging and pressing equipment that can bend non-metallic plates into cones, spheres, cylinders, or other shapes. Its wide application includes manufacturing, boiler steam, chemical industry, non-metallic construction, and machinery fabrication.

2. Familiarize yourself with the working principle of the machine

The motion of the rolls in the four-roll plate rolling machine is different from that in the three-roll plate rolling machine, but the working principle is the same. Both utilize the principle of three-point bending to achieve rolling with different radii. The upper roll remains stationary, while the lower roll moves vertically to clamp the steel plate. The two side rolls move in a straight or curved line towards the upper roll to adjust the curvature radius of the cylinder.

3. Understand the operating procedures

  1. The plate rolling machine must be managed by a designated person.
  2. Operators must be familiar with the machine’s structural characteristics, performance, and usage methods. Only with the approval of the responsible manager can they proceed with the operation.
  3. Before starting the machine, carefully check if the safety devices are intact.
  4. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to place hands or feet on the rolling shaft, transmission components, or workpieces.
  5. After a work interruption, disengage the clutch.
  6. In case of collaborative operations involving multiple individuals, there must be a designated person in command.
  7. Overloading is strictly prohibited.
  8. The tilting reset of the lifting and flipping bearings of the upper roll and the balancing of the upper roll must be performed after the main drive is stopped.
  9. The work area must be kept clean and free from the accumulation of workpieces and debris.
  10. After completing the work, cut off the power supply and lock the power box.

The four-roll CNC plate rolling machine is an important equipment in enterprise production. During your usage, it is essential to operate it correctly. Otherwise, not only will the equipment be damaged, affecting production, but unexpected consequences may also occur.

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