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KRRASS High Standard Fixed Angle Notching Machine

Fixed Angle Notching Machine

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KRRASS High Standard Fixed Angle Notching Machine

Our hydraulic fixed angle notching is a fixed and angle adjustment notching machine. It has a strong and durable body structure and a steel-construction table. The machine allows precise and quick adjustment of the desired cutting angle within 30 to 140 degrees with the help of a function mounted on the machine table. Fixed angle notching machines are machined with T-slots on the top surface, which can be used to precisely adjust the angle and depth of the cut corners. Automatic cutting gap adjustment can be adjusted according to the type and thickness of the material, thus providing high cutting quality and precision.

KRRASS High Standard Fixed Angle Notching Machine

Standard Manual Drop-End

Optional Control Panel with digital read-out

Tailored-made Notching Machine

Fixed Angle Notching General Features:

Technical Parameter

Max.Plate Length (mm)Cutting Angle Range(°)Travel Times (N/min)Worktable Height (mm)Motor Power (KW)Outline
Weithe (kg)

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