Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | 1KW IPG Laser Cutting Machine
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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The machine body is fabricated with traditional technology that integrating splicing, welding, heat treating, surface treatment and high precision guide rail to prevent machine from vibrating during high-speed working.
  • Power
  • Cutting Thickness

Integrated Design, Occupying Small Space

Lift-type automatic switching table configuration, which shortens the standby time, and effectively enhances the working efficiency more than 30%

Fully enclosed protective cover, using safely

Using adjustable beam structure, removing adverse effects on cutting accuracy caused by environmental changes

Suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium etc

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Constantly Upgrading, Faster Speed

KRRASS Laser cutting machine adopts the most intelligent CNC operating system, coordinating with high-precise gear and rack! Higher stability, faster dynamic response, higher positioning speed!

Excellent Quality, Stable Operation

KRRASS laser cutting machine adopts domestic and international famous brand laser with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency (>30%), better beam quality, high anti-reflection capacity, At the same time, introducing the second generation of optical fiber transmission system ensure the cutting effect, especially on thick plate, more stable and precise.

Cutting Samples

How to Choose

Technical Parameters

1Max Cutting Size (mm)1500×30001500X40004000×20001500×60002000×60002500×6000
2Max Height of The Workpiece (mm)909090909090
3Effective TravelX Axis (mm)150515052005200520052505
Y Axis (mm)300540054005600560056005
Z Axis (mm)300300300300300300
4Positional AccuracyX Axis (mm)±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04
Y Axis (mm)±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04±0.04
Z Axis (mm)±0.01±0.01±0.01±0.01±0.01±0.01
5Repeated Positioning AccuracyX Axis (mm)±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03
Y Axis (mm)±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03±0.03
Z Axis (mm)±0.005±0.005±0.005±0.005±0.005±0.005
6Re-positioning SpeedX Axis (m/min)110110110110110110
Y Axis (m/min)110110110110110110
Z Axis (m/min)110110110110110110
7Accelerated Speed (G)
8Level of ProtectionIP54IP54IP54IP54IP54IP54
9Total Weight(KG)520059006400760079008100
10Boundary Dimension L×W×H(mm)8500X3100X210010500X3100X210010500X3600X210014500X3100X210014500X3600X210014500X3600X2100

Multi-function,Simple Cutting


You Worth It Only After Stand Testing

All KRRASS laser cutting machines are subject to strict 1200+ procedure for assembly processes, standardized production to ensure high quality.

72 hours quality inspection without stop, standardized quality inspection requirements, and reducing breakdown ratio!

We have to be so refined that you can choose us without any worry.

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