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Fiber laser cutting machine price Affecting factors

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Many laser processing equipment companies use price as a competitive factor. People are getting more and more confused, so what factors determine fiber laser cutting machine price?

1) After-sales service

fiber laser cutting machine price

The laser tube and reflective lens of the laser cutting machine are all consumables, which have a certain service life and need to be replaced after they expire. This requires the manufacturer to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee to provide these consumables in a timely manner. For the sake of cheapness, some users buy laser cutting machines from small factories at very low prices. After half a year, the laser cutting machines need to replace the laser tube, contact the manufacturer, and find that people are empty.

2) Product quality

As the saying goes, the layman sees the excitement and the insider sees the doorway. The same is a laser cutting machine, but the parts used are different. The following examples illustrate:

a. Stepper motor: It mainly affects the accuracy of laser cutting equipment. Good-quality manufacturers choose imported stepper motors. Generally, stepper motors produced by joint ventures are used. However, there are also some manufacturers that use unnamed stepper motors to recharge their numbers.

b. Laser lens: It mainly affects the power of laser cutting equipment. It can also be divided into imported lenses and domestic lenses. The domestic lenses are divided into two types: imported lenses and domestically produced materials. The price difference is very large, and the use effect is very good. The difference in service life is also great.

c. Laser tube: This is the heart of the laser cutting machine. Since the price of imported laser tubes is expensive, generally in the tens of thousands, most domestic laser cutting machines use domestic laser tubes. Domestic laser tubes are also mixed, and the price gap is very large. The service life of a good laser tube is generally about 3000 hours.

d. Mechanical assembly quality: In order to reduce production costs, some manufacturers choose poor materials for the machine housing. Over time, the frame will be deformed, which affects the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. A good laser cutting machine should adopt a frame structure, welded with high-quality section steel, and use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate to make the chassis. When a user buys a machine, he can find out whether the quality is good or bad by looking at whether the frame structure and the thickness and strength of the casing iron sheet are used.

3) The function of the machine

Those who are familiar with the laser processing equipment industry know that the configuration of laser cutting equipment has been increasing in recent years, and the functions have been more than before, but the price has dropped. This is a good thing, and the price of machinery and equipment is low. Up. But in fact, the market is bigger and there are too many gimmicks, which can’t compare with the reliability of the equipment and the convenience and benefits of maintenance services.

I think users should pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of laser cutting machines. The fiber laser cutting machine with “medium configuration and moderate price” is our good choice. Many users fall into a misunderstanding and hope to buy an all-round fiber laser cutting machine, but in fact the one that fits is the best!

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