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Fiber laser cutting machine introduction and working principle

KRRASS RAS-3015 fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine introduction

Fiber laser cutting machine, also called laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, as cutting and forming equipment in a variety of metal material processing plants, manufacturing processing plants. The equipment has high processing efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality of processing products (round incision, no deformation), the overall income is relatively high, and the output is also very large, so it is widely used in sheet metal cutting, kitchen appliances, manufacturing and other fields.

Due to the different types of fiber laser cutting machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your needs. But don’t worry, KRRASS are here to help!

Range of processing materials: Fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable for cutting metal materials, such as auto parts, sheet metal cutting. Its cutting speed is fast, has smooth incision, and generally no subsequent processing; Small cutting heat affected zone, small sheet deformation, narrow slit (0.1mm~0.3mm). The incision has no mechanical stress, no shear burrs. It also has high machining precision, good repeatability, no damage to the surface of the material. Fiber laser cutting machines uses CNC programming, can process any plan, can be a large format of the whole board cutting, no need to open mold, economic and time-saving.

Application industry: Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in automobile manufacturing, kitchenware industry, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, machinery manufacturing, chassis cabinet and so on.

Fiber laser cutting machine working principle

Fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses the laser beam emitted by the laser device to irradiate the workpiece surface to form a notch, and its main working parts are laser, control system and cooling system.

The working principle of the Fiber laser cutting machine is the process of using the high heat of the laser beam to melt the workpiece to form a incision. When the machine is running, the cutting head of the equipment runs at a high speed driven by the motor, and uniformly irradiates the surface of the cutting material with a good focal length. During the cutting process, the gas system also works at the same time to ensure the quality of cutting workpiece. At the time of cutting, the control system of the equipment will complete the processing one by one according to the typographic of the control system.

Fiber laser cutting machine sample display

Fiber laser cutting machines manufacturer

As a large fiber laser cutting machines manufacturer, in the laser equipment industry for many years, has accumulated rich production experience and perfect service system. The production of high quality and complete models can create more considerable profits for the user’s production. And as a direct laser equipment manufacturer, the price to customers are more economical. If you want to know, please click online consultation and technical personnel for detailed communication, or call the customer service hotline, you can also come to our factory for  visits and investigations.

Which fiber laser cutting machine is right for you?

If you need any questions answered or to discuss your fiber laser cutting machine requirements for your unique business, please contact us today on 0086 18952087956 or using our online contact form.


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