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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Head (Cypcut BLT4)

BLT 4 series smart cutter

Laser Cutting Machine Head BLT 4 series, cost-effective smart cutter that focuses on 2D, 3D and bevel cutting machine, delivers a great performance with stable cutting, simple installation and setup, available for power levels below 30KW. Find more details in technical parameters.

Stable and Efficient Cutting

Brand new optical solutions come with closed-loop auto focusing.

Slag-free Cutting, Nozzle Cooling, and Water Cooling Sensor supportable.

Make cutting more stable and efficient.

Easy to Maintain

Ready-to-use optics drawer, lens changed in 5mins.

Low Cost to Repair

Protective screws keep cutting head from damage.

No time wasting on Depot Repair

Smart and Safe Processing

Groups of internal sensors for real time closed-loop monitor.

Rapid diagnosis brings you early warning.

BLT 4 Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Head Technical Parameters

Cutting Type 2 Dimension/Bevel 3 Dimension
Cutter Model BLT421 BLT441 BLT461 BLT481 BLT421T BLT441T
Power Level ≤8kW ≤15kW ≤20kW ≤30kW ≤8kW ≤15kW
Focal Distance 150/200 200 200 200 200 200
Size (mm) 404x122
Weight (kg) About 5.5
Auto Focus Range (mm) ±50
Laser Wavelength (mm) 1030-1090
Max Gas Pressure (Bar) 25
Function Spring Energized Seal Test / /
Protective Lens Monitor
Gas Pressure Monitor
Internal Amplifier
Nozzle Cooling / /
Water Cooling Sensor / /
Protective Screws

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Head BLT4 Documentation


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