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How to clean a Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In the use of Laser Cutting Machine, you need to make Laser Cutting Machine maintenance and cleaning plans of daily, weekly, monthly, 1000 hours and 2000 hours for a long service life with laser cutter parts.

Laser cutting machine is a precision equipment, which needs maintenance for a long lifespan.

First, the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine.

Laser Cutting Machine

  1. Check if the laser cutter can be hurt, the instrument guidance can be normal.
  2. Check if the guide light can be different.
  3. Check the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged and stick to metal slag.
  4. Check if the sensor is normal.
  5. Check the lens for dirt, clean or change it in time.
  6. Clean the adapter shaft of the replacement workbench and keep it clean.
  7. Check the cold water temperature, according to the prior environment adjustment.
  8. After the end of the day, clean the laser cutter and rectify the surrounding environment.

Second, the laser cutting machine weekly protection and maintenance work.

Laser Cutting Machine

  1. Check for contamination, corrosion and leakage on the laser.
  2. Clean the air shrinkage machine gas filter.
  3. Clean the replacement workbench coupling.
  4. Check the dust removal condition by sensory inspection, check the condition of the gas pressure reducing valve of the dust removal system, and pour the dust collecting bucket.
  5. Clean the replacement table rail and add calcium-based smooth grease.
  6. Clean the transmission track (bottom) and dump the slag trolley.
  7. Check if the gas pressure is different.
  8. Check the filter element of the filter system and empty the oil and water separator of the shrinkage gas.
  9. Clean the chain of the safety door, slide rails. 10. Clean the dust on the chiller heat sink.
  10. Clean the dust on the chiller heat sink.

Third, monthly laser cutting machine protection and maintenance work.

  1. Check for the presence of various warning signs.
  2. Check the shutter for the absorption of the safety switch.
  3. Check the position of the vacuum pump oil, color and other conditions.
  4. Check the water level of the chiller and check the water deionization system.
  5. Check if the light path can be cleaned and the sealing cover can be secure.
  6. Test whether the alarm can be alarmed when the stationary axis reaches the limit.
  7. Clean the guide rail (slider) of the machine tool, gears, racks, screw rods, etc., and add calcium-based smooth grease. The rack is cleaned and cleaned with a cleaning agent and then filled with calcium-based smooth grease.
  8. Check that the start and closing of the exhaust pipe are normal during the work.
  9. Clean the chain and check its tension.

Fourth, every 1000 hours laser cutter protection and maintenance work.

  1. Clean the input water filter element.
  2. Check all dust covers and remove dirt.
  3. Check the loss of the dust filter and the inner cavity.
  4. Change the filter element of the gas cabinet and change the delicate filter element (if necessary).

Fifth, every 2,000 hours laser cutter protection and maintenance work.

  1. The overall maintenance of the laser, change the vacuum pump oil, if the laser is equipped with an oil turbine, change the turbine oil.
  2. Change the circulating water of the chiller.

Sixth, protection and maintenance work according to the actual situation.

  1. Check the external light path and adjust if necessary.
  2. Check the status of the stationary axis and remove dust.
  3. Clean the rails and spray the cover grease. It has gained more and more common use.

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