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Why fiber laser cutting machine can replace CO2 cutting?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Today, laser equipment is changing rapidly, new equipment instead of old equipment to become the new mainstream of the manufacturing industry is constantly accelerating the pace, such as fiber optic fiber laser cutter instead of CO2 fiber laser cutter. Why the fiber laser cutter to replace the CO2 fiber laser cutter, the following from three aspects to analyze.

First, maintenance costs.

fiber laser cutting machine

CO2 fiber laser cutter: high maintenance costs, high cost of front and tail mirrors, short life of turbine bearings, large replacement costs. Fiber laser cutter: maintenance-free, basic no supplies, and can be competent for a harsh working environment, dust, shock, impact, humidity, temperature has a high tolerance.

Second, processing costs.

CO2 fiber laser cutter photoelectric conversion rate is much lower than fiber optic fiber laser cutter, and laser tube is the consumption of products, the same power, fiber optic equipment can make better use of laser to create value, so the processing cost of optical fiber is lower, of course, fiber optic equipment purchase price is higher than carbon dioxide equipment.

Third, technology.

CO2 laser structure is complex, high maintenance costs, and in the processing is a large beam divergence, not suitable for large-format processing. Although the cutting seam is thin, it is very slow when machining thick plates. The laser characteristics of the fiber laser cutters are reflected in miniaturization, intensification, high brightness and high conversion rate, in the thin plate processing, the same power fiber laser cutter than CO2 cutting speed is 2-3 times higher, the cutting section is smooth.

The above is the reason why The CO2 laser cutter is gradually eliminated, and the fiber laser cutter can quickly establish a foothold in the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process, precisely because of its various advantages in technology, in order to achieve the finishing products to provide the necessary process technology.

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