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CNC Press Brake Machine


This press brake machine is suitable for large steel structural parts, iron towers, street light poles, high light poles, automobile girders, automobile car boxes, and other related industries.

Press Brake

The essence of the CNC press brake is the bending mold for bending the thin plate.

The mold consists of a bracket, table, and clamping plate.

The clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base is completed by energizing the coil to generate a gravitational force on the pressure plate.

Because of the electromagnetic force clamping method, the pressure plate is made according to the specific workpiece requirements, the operation is simple, and the workpiece with the side wall can be processed.

There are different models of CNC bending machines.

Features of CNC bending machine

  1. Direct angle programming with angle compensation.
  2. The real-time detection feedback correction of the grating ruler, the full-closed control, the back gauge, and the slider Deadband positioning accuracy are ±0.02mm.
  3. The upper die adopts a quick clamping device, and the lower die adopts a wedge deformation compensation mechanism.
  4. With a multi-step programming function, can achieve multi-automatic operation, complete multi-step parts with one-time processing, and improve production efficiency.
  5. According to the user’s demand, the imported hydraulic system with stable performance and compact structure can be selected, and the ball screw and timing belt can be selected for the back gauge.

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